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The SELECTED brand was launched in 1997 for the menswear market and the presence of the brand in 25 countries around the world reveals the strong foothold SELECTED has gained on the market. In 2008 Bestseller launched a new female brand - SELECTED FEMME. Today both SELECTED FEMME and SELECTED HOMME is available in unisex retail stores as well as wholesale stores worldwide. SELECTED has more than 30 brand shops and is sold by 1,300 dealers worldwide, almost all of which are situated in A or A+ locations. More than 200 employees around the world handle all activities associated with the brand.
SELECTED FEMME represents a strong, metropolitan woman. She is fashion forward with an edge. Her wardrobe is a contrast between seductive and sophisticated items. Exclusive qualities as well as textured and eye catching details enhance the unique and luxurious feel of the SELECTED FEMME universe. SELECTED FEMME meets women individuality and it therefore represents two strong looks - FEMME & FEMME JEANS. There are six collections a year, divided into the product mix seen below and the price segment low of the high. THE FEMME LINE: Blend the classic and high fashion trend with emphasis on glamorous items. The silhouette has a feminine essence, both simple and bold with sharp and surprising details. A sharp tailored look, a rich mix of fashioned knit wear, and refined luxury daywear complete the look of SELECTED FEMME. THE FEMME JEANS LINE: Merge a cool and laidback attitude with a hint of rock & roll. The collection spends from a cool and raw attitude combined with a more urban jeans look. With focus on washed and used qualities, the look must be edgy with groovy details. Original denim with a twist combined with casual jersey tops as well as sexy and sleek & dresses epitomise the mood of the SELECTED FEMME JEANS line.
SELECTED HOMME epitomizes good taste in every shape and form within modern menswear; from the laid back casual guy to the classic and formal gentleman. He creates a unique interpretation of a contem­porary man who is individualistic and confident with his style and mixes and matches his existing wardrobe with the season’s newcomers in order to create a distinctive and exciting look. Attention to detail and high quality is key for the SELECTED HOMME man. SELECTED HOMME is divided into three lines: INDIGO, HERITAGE & IDENTITY. INDIGOinspired by jeanswear archives. Created around the colour indigo and authentic jeanswear, this contemporary line includes a selection of items, besides denim, that convey an edgy yet controlled style with a cool and tough attitude. HERITAGEa legacy of tradition. A laid back and easy going theme sets the tone for this Heritage line where refined yet casual garments are made. Inspiration from vintage menswear is visible through the use of rugged and subtle designs, which convey a relaxed and contemporary look. IDENTITYclassics of tomorrow. Inspired by the original values of tailoring, the Identity line provides a sophisticated yet modern approach to stylish menswear where attention to detail and fitting is visible in every garment. A lasting impression of class and elegance is conveyed leaving behind a polished and refined look.
SELECTED is part of Bestseller, a Danish family-owned clothing company founded in 1975. Today, Bestseller employsmore than 41,000 people - designing, developing, selling and marketing Bestseller's brands. The clothes and accessories are sold in Europe, the Middle East, China and Canada, through chain stores, multibrand retailers and wholesale. Today, Bestseller has more than 5,300 stores in 43 countries. These stores are built on close and loyal relationships between business partners and Bestseller - with Bestseller as the main supplier. Bestseller does not own any factories, but co-operates with loyal suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Italy. Moreover, Bestseller has independent buying offices in Italy, Turkey, India and China.