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Since the beginning of our journey in 1997, SELECTED FEMME/HOMME has come into its own as a fashion brand. SELECTED was once exclusively for men as SELECTED HOMME, until FEMME walked onto the Scandinavian fashion stage in 2008. Now we encompass both sexes equally as SELECTED FEMME/HOMME.

We are Nordic by heart with an authentic vein running through each and every garment giving us a true Scandinavian look. We want our style to appeal to the modern and fashion-conscious men and women of today, who have a keen sense of their own personal style. Some follow trends closely; some want that timeless and classic look. What they have in common is their impeccable sense of taste and quality. SELECTED FEMME/HOMME is a fashion-forward and contemporary unisex brand. Our collections are sold in 44 retail stores (and counting) and through more than 2,500 wholesalers worldwide.

If you are looking for sophisticated business-wear or casual weekday apparel, SELECTED HOMME caters to any modern man through our three lines: Indigo, Heritage, and Identity. Our cool and contemporary Indigo line conveys an edgy lifestyle centred on the deep indigo colour and denim. Heritage is laid back and relaxed, featuring both modern and vintage styles with tailored elements adding some sophistication to the line. Identity is our tailoring line brimming with modern takes on the time-honoured tailored look.

SELECTED FEMME is strong, paired-down elegance rooted in a Scandinavian aesthetic. All about the feminine contours and timeless looks, SELECTED FEMME offers fashion from the glamourous to the simplistic, reworking the classics into modern-day fashion styles. Whether you love a good pair of jeans, like to dress up or just need functional clothes for work, SELECTED FEMME covers your needs.

SELECTED FEMME/HOMME is part of Bestseller, a Danish family-owned clothing company founded in 1975. Today, Bestseller employs more than 41,000 people, who are designing, developing, selling, and marketing Bestseller's brands. The clothes and accessories are sold in Europe, the Middle East, China, and Canada, through chain stores, multi-brand retailers and wholesale. Bestseller has more than 5,300 stores in 43 countries. These stores are built on close and loyal relationships between business partners and Bestseller - with Bestseller as the main supplier. Bestseller does not own any factories, but co-operates with loyal suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Italy. Moreover, Bestseller has independent buying offices in Italy, Turkey, India, and China.